janeiro 30, 2015

43. Banda Sonora #2

Epá, gosto! Pronto!

Uh, hardly home but always reppin, 
You hardly on and always second, 
When I'm awake you always restin, 
And when they call you the answer you will hardly question, 
I, I'm doin classic shit in all my sessions 

Other nigga's situations they are all depressin, 
That's why I never follow y'all suggestions, 
I just always did my own thing, 
Now I run the game, you stupid muddasuckas 
I see all this money through my ohio state buck eyes, 
Shit been goin good, but good can turn to better, 
Cause you the type to lose her, and I'm about to get her 

It's okay 
You can run an tell your friends that 
I'm on 
Best believe I understand 
It's okay 
You can run an tell my city 
I'm on 
You can run an tell my city it's on

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